Empowered Journeys is an innovative collaboration of heart-centred, purpose led women. Launched in 2017, we provide group coaching, sound and energy healing, creative arts, yoga and dance events to support individuals and groups to improve their self-belief, confidence, wellbeing and sense of purpose and fulfilment.

Who we are

What an amazing day I had yesterday at your development workshop thank you - I can’t express how I think that one day will have affected my life for the better. I am absolutely buzzing and see stuff clearer. I am very proud of my Vision Board!

What we do: Empowerment & development workshops for women

All of our workshops incorporate a variety of activities for mind, body and spirit. We support you to improve your self-belief, confidence, wellbeing and sense of purpose and fulfilment. These workshops are for all women of all ages, in all stages of their life. 

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Past events have included intention and goal setting, understanding and working with your personal values, vision boarding workshop sessions and relaxing and restorative sound baths. We always incorporate time and space to reflect and reconnect with yourself and the world around you.

I attended the Empowered Journeys workshop with the intention of working on some blocks in my creative expression. I didn’t expect to achieve as much as I did during the day but I came away feeling like I’d moved 10 steps forward, uplifted and full of energy.

What we do: Wellbeing events

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The combined Reiki and Sound Bath put on by Sarah and her team is such a beautiful, powerful and relaxing event. I have participated in two and each time have felt refreshed, rebalanced and rejuvenated the next day. The combination of sound and touch heals both body and mind. I highly recommend it

Our current events

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LGBTQ Womens Empowerment Workshop, 17th November 2018

This unique Empowerment Workshop aims to create a safe space for you to come together with other women from the LGBTQ community, take some time out for you and explore how to feel more confident and empowered in your life.

This is an opportunity to collaborate and create positive change within your life as well as our communities and society. You will leave with a greater sense of what is possible and how to achieve more enjoyment and fulfilment from your passions, your work, your relationships and your community.

This workshop is open to women who identify as LGBTQ. We welcome a diverse mix of women of all ages, backgrounds and cultures.

This workshop is being run as a collaboration between Sarah Taylor (Empowered Journeys) and Ali Hendry (Short & Girlie Productions.)

For more information or if you have any questions before booking please contact Sarah at

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Brighton Full Moon Reiki Sound Bath, 24th November 2018

The full moon in November is in the star sign of Gemini which is the first air sign. This means it’s a time for communication and connection. And a time to explore, experiment and experience. All full moons are a time to allow in the new and let go and release the old. A time to balance and create synergy within our lives. Time to re-evaluate and align ourselves to what we truly want.

Come and join us for this magical evening of therapeutic sound and Reiki energy healing where you will be supported to reflect inwards, rebalance, heal and harmonise the body.

Our past events